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con·sent | kənˈsent | 


Dictionary definitions:


permission for something to happen or agreement to do something: no fantasy about Wyoh may be shared with Wyoh without her consent. 


verb [no object] 

give permission for something to happen: she consented to join the orgy as long as condoms and dental dams were a given. 


• agree to do something: he had consented to listen to her sex story. 



Middle English: from Old French consente (noun), consentir (verb), from Latin consentire, from con- ‘together’ + sentire ‘feel’.

Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy's definition (authors of The Ethical Slut):

an active collaboration for the benefit, well-being and pleasure of all persons concerned.


Suggested Reading: Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski



JAN 3-9: Your Anatomy

  • When and how do you feel like you finally understood your sexual anatomy?

  • How did you know?

  • If you're not totally sure if you understand them yet, what do you still wonder about?

JAN 10-16: Arousal, Desire, Turn-Ons, Turn-Offs

  • What patterns do you notice about when you feel turned on or turned off?

  • Which category do you leant towards: hyper horny, steady & happy, long-term turned off, I'm just not feeling it but I wish I were? Or something else in that vein? 

  • What's your experience with your own arousal been like?

  • How do you feel about it?

JAN 17-23: Emotions and Orgasms

  • Do you ever clock any specific emotions related to orgasms?

  • Do you cry? Get mad? See stars or cool patterns? Squirt a ton? Cum like a whisper? Or a storm?

  • Tell us about your orgasms, what they feel like, and how you feel about them, and anything else personally orgasmic you can think of.

JAN 24-30: Sexy Massage Stories

  • Are massages one of your go-to moves?

  • Do you have a history of (professional??) happy endings?

  • Have you and your partner ever done a massage role play?

  • Does your Top or bottom use massage as part of their worship?

  • What kinds of massage do you like? Do you ask or offer massages to your partner as often as you'd like?

  • Do you have any amazing prostate massage insights?

  • Why do you think buttholes get "prostate massages" and vaginas get "fingerings"?

  • Any other massage thoughts?


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