We won't necessarily have time to cover everything here,

but use this to spark your imagination and think about experiences or broader thoughts on sex you'd like to share,

and we'll go from there.

Introduce yourself in as much detail as feels comfortable. Letting listeners know the varied backgrounds of guests is helpful. For example:

Name (real or chosen)

Age / generation


Orientation / Identity


Background -- where you’re from / culture / religion / values around sex

Age you discovered masturbation


Age you first had sex w another person (also: how do you define it?)


If you had to rate yourself on a sexual shame-o-meter, with 1 (shameless!) to 10 (so full of shame), where do you think fall?


What’s your current relationship with sex?


Do you talk about sex with partners ahead of time? Protection?


What are your earliest memories/feelings around sex? Blow jobs Cunnilingus?


Did you get a sex talk?


What do you remember about sex ed?


How do you communicate around sex? With family? With friends? With partners? Do you find it easy / difficult and why?


Orgasms. Thoughts? Feelings? Is it "easy" for you? What are the ideal conditions? What gets you off? BE SPECIFIC!


Kinks? If you've explored kink, what were conversations like with partners ahead of time? During? 


First times: kissing, sex, blow jobs?


Current thoughts on blowjobs? Cunnilingus? Butt stuff?

Multiple partners at the same time? If not, would you consider it?Why? What do you / would you need to feel safe/excited in a group sex situation??


Sexual turnoffs?


Sex dreams? Do you have them? Do you orgasm in them? Are there any recurring themes?


Best / worst / weirdest: sex, blowjobs, cunnilingus, butt stuff? Horror stories? Delicious stories?


When do you feel most in touch with your body?


Body hair preferences (for yourself or partners)?


Future hopes/goals/dreams for your sex life?


If you could go back and give a younger version of yourself sex advice, what age(s) would you pick and what would you say?

Ask me a sex question!

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