Ask Me Anything.

Every Wednesday starting August 12, 2020

7 PM Pacific | A Public Live-Stream

Share a Sex Story or thoughts on our weird weird culture around sex in general. Ask Wyoh a question. Or ask her to ask you one.
To participate, join via GetVokl and grab a spot, first-come first-serve. Or if you just want to watch and chat, it'll restream to the Sex Stories youtube channel.
Don't tell me fantasies you have about me, including but not limited to how I turn you on, how you've masturbated to me, what you imagine you and your girlfriend doing with me, what you would do if you were my Dom etc – it's very boring and sad when people can't respect this basic, easy, kind rule, and I'll remove/block anyone who is not a lovely, boundary-respecting human.
THIS IS STRICTLY NOT A SEXUAL CAM SITUATION. GetVokl doesn't allow nudity, so this is a clothes-on Wyoh situation.
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