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Tell us about your awesome bod.

An inclusive, anonymous-as-you-want questionnaire to share the details of your sweet bod with us, a contribution for Mission 69.


Complete sentences with rephrased answers are awesome.

I also welcome photos of you, feeling awesome and in your body (clothes per your comfort) - photo submission details below.

Answer the following in complete sentences, in as much detail as you like:

What are your "private" body parts like?

How do you feel about them?



What is/are your penis / vagina / genitalia like?

What do you call it?






Do your balls/lips like attention? What kind?

What about your clit/crown? Super-sensitive spots?

Does it change when you're aroused?

Is it reactive in "unusual" ways?

Does it have tattoos? If so, what? Why? What did that feel like?

Ever had any injuries?

Do you look at your genitals?

How do you feel about partners looking?

What about your naked body as a whole?

Do you ever make the time to take a sensual selfie? Do you want to? Why or why not?

Besides the obvious fingers, tongues, and other genitals, is there anything specific your parts love feeling? For example, I love a good thigh hump.

If you had to spend one day with different genitals, what would they be like?

What about your nipples and/or chest area?

And what about butt stuff?! Playtime activities, but also visual aesthetics?

Any other erogenous zones on your beautiful body?

Favorite part(s) of your body?​

Have you ever used a cock extender or a strap-on? What was it like? How did it feel, both physically and emotionally?

Wanna send a nude / dick pic / pussy shot / nip photo / makeout closeup / erotic whatever / even a sensual clothed  snap or two?


Please keep in mind that anything you share with me may be turned into art and shared publicly.


If you want credit, label your file(s) like this:



A note on dick pics: you can totally send 'em, but please make an effort. Low-res, dirty, blurry or un-creative shots with your toilet or socks in the background tell me that you don't actually care about my creative work, and that you crave attention so badly you're willing to join the pile of hundreds of useless dickpics in my inbox. 

Any thoughts or feedback on the pod? Or this survey? 


Resulting art will end up somewhere on this website, since insta and YouTube like to kick us off these days :)


If you see yourself art-ified and want a copy, email me!

Email me here.

Parts Poll

Parts Poll