Work From Home Perks: B's Sex Story Quickie

New story to add: working from home is so much fun I may never go back to the office.

Yesterday, I’m in the middle of a zoom/conference call. My boss has his camera on, so we all had our cameras on. I’ve set up my “office” at the kitchen table because we both have internet meetings during the day.

So we are about ten minutes in when the kitchen light comes on and my wife strolls in for a cup of coffee. I look over, smile, mute my mic and say good morning. I unmute my mic and continue with the work conversation.

This is when my wife walks around to the other side of the table and stands behind my computer monitors. She drops her bathrobe and gets down on her hands and knees and disappears. This all happens, mind you, while I’m starting to present to my 10-15 coworkers.

The next thing I feel is her fingernails starting at my ankles and then scraping up my legs and inner thighs. My shorts get a firm tug to the side and I feel her warm mouth wrap itself around my cock.

She’s licking my cock and sucking on it while grazing my inner thighs with her fingernails. I’m trying to remember what to say next while glancing at the image from my camera to see if I can tell if it looks like I’m getting my cock sucked.

Just as I turn it over to a co-worker, I scoot the chair back from the table a few inches and look down and see my wife working every inch of my cock with her mouth. That sight and sensation - I lost it and popped. She shoved my cock as far down her throat as she could until I stopped pulsing.

Then she paused. Slowly backed out from under the table. Put her bathrobe on and tied it closed. She had this mischievous smirk on her face the whole time. She poured a cup of coffee, licked her lips and left the kitchen.

So far, no one I work with has said anything.

Haven’t gotten the strap on out in a week or two. But I think it might make a repeat appearance after we took a “kinky quiz” to see what we might try next in the bedroom.

(Btw: every time I try to write your name the spellchecker changes it to woohoo!)

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