Day 0 | quarantine & quarantine nudes begin

I am reminding myself that worrying doesn't help, but there are some very real steps I can take to do my part in not spreading this disease.

Don't panic.

Just stay inside. Stay curious. Stay open, but not literally. Literally stay inside. I'm still gathering myself but I know more art is in my future; it keeps me grounded.

Tell your loved ones.

Normalize staying in. Remember, "mild" just means the patient with pneumonia doesn't need to be rushed to the hospital. And statuses change really fast. Mitigate risks. Realize you have new priorities. We will adjust. We will all have to. Be kind. Breathe. I'm telling myself stuff like this on repeat.

Worrying doesn't help. Mitigating risks does. And a digital nude never hurts.


A few things that led me to my decision to cancel clients & hunker down:

Photo captured by Dalton Gaudin, who I'm forcing into quarantine along with me.

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