Day 9 | hugs & squeezes.

Remember to give em to yourself if you're solo.

Today, I ventured out my front door for targeted missions:

  • take out trash & recycle

  • send a letter

  • get the mail

  • drive my car a little bit to make sure it stays in shape

  • walk around the block bc people keep saying having the windows open doesn't count as being outside

Well, nearly everything in my neighborhood is shuttered – with those giant metal rolldown covers. It's the first time in nearly nine years I've questioned my desire to live in the city part of a city.

Annnnnd that's all the news I have here. Still wiggling and writing about wiggling. Collecting stories about 69-ing because our 69th episode is a week and a half away.

News news news. I don't understand the darkness and cruelty that seems to fuel some people.

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