Day 8 | pasty nudes.

I mean, pasties. Nudes with pasties.

I've gotta be honest: I'm kind of obsessed with my nipples lately. I feel like they somehow got slightly bigger?

What if I have shy nipples, and they're growing now that there aren't so many people around?

Today I alternated yucky grownup to-do's with yummy self-care art ones, had a dash of exercise, received a couple of really beautiful nudes from strangers; if only the administration were willing to organize a proper response to take care of the people, things would be pretty good.

I know news is tough and a lot of us binged last week and got oversaturated; it's hard. And, I urge you to sit through the discomfort of this one, at least all the COVID-19 segments. Listen to the voices of the people who call in, and then call your reps. Even if they're already doing the right thing; let them know you appreciate them.

Today, my nude was inspired by the moment where I transition into a post-pasty evening. And if you're like, whythefuckisshewearingleopartshamrockpasties?! ...well, go watch my daily wiggle.

Enjoy another selfie:

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