Day 7 | routine nudes (etc.)

One week in,

I am creating routine on-purpose again. I gave myself a panic/assimilation/gentle/escapism/bare minimum necessary work week, and it’s starting to feel good to gently reimplement my usual structure.

But in a new way, obviously.

I’ve soaked up enough panic from others about work stuff this week that I’m starting to feel it, so I’m having to say this to myself, on refrain:

Do your best; worrying doesn’t help.

I’m getting ready to write. And getting ready for tonight’s live-stream at 5 PM Pacific. Join me?

Group Rules for our Live-Streams:

  1. Be kind. Not-kinds will not be dismissed and not invited back.

  2. Be curious. Replace judgments with open questions.

  3. Be willing to learn. Everyone has a unique experience, and even if their values aren't your values, we can grow from our exchanges.

  4. Practice consent language. Anything from advice to complements, no matter how well-intended, may not be what a sharer is looking for. Ask first.

  5. Be willing to stumble & grow. My goal is to create a loving community where we have a better sexual experience in the world because we're communicating; this requires patience, love, and a willingness to be uncomfortable for all parties involved.

Plus, your daily outbreak news:

Excited to talk later

big love,


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