Day 6 | nipples, inc.

Two podcast recordings today, lotta good nipple talk.

I'm starting to feel tapped out on phone calls and video chats, but I'm settling into my delicious rhythm of to-do's.

I'm noticing I have a hard time when people I know and care about engage in behavior that's not cautious enough (according to me); I'm having to remind myself to listen more, talk less, and that sharing facts with people who do not wish to hear them is not helpful.

That said, isn't this model cool/horrifying?

I like data and models and graphs and charts and all things of that sort; and these numbers are already far behind because it's from late last night. So, please, even if your local government officials aren't setting the same tone as California, stay indoors. I invite you to, very calmly, practice being overcautious.

Nude photographed by me, or my tripod, or my phone, depending on how you see it. And for those of you who are patrons, I put a batch from this shoot today and a final shoot I did yesterday with Dalton in my patron gallery – enjoy ;)

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