Day 5 | hold on to your butts.

Panicking yet? Grab your butt.

It's really fun and weirdly soothing.

With California officially sheltering in place (or like us Angelinos, just staying "safer at home"), some people are finally starting to realize this thing is really real, like real-real.

Fridays are the closest thing I ever have to a day off; this one has been slow and full of painting and nude photo shoots with Dalton (they're gonna go up on Patreon for sure; I think I'm gonna keep this blog real-time, for now), who has packed up his things and gone to quarantine in a place where he can have his own room.

I have my fort, my cat, a ton of groceries, and lots of art supplies. My worry-limit has reached its peak for the moment, so I'm just gonna keep scanning for freelance jobs and do The Next Right Art Project.

Nude photographed by my former hole-mate, Dalton Gaudin.

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