Day 4 | story time.

In some ways, I'm living my greatest life.

I have the opportunity to go slowly and also just kind of have to go slowly right now. One thing at a time. In light of crises, I am suddenly able to replace my usual impatience with myself with, well...compassion.

Today was full of coffee, sex stories, and even a little sunshine; now I just have to wiggle, edit, and keep eating amazing retreat leftovers. I know there'll be plenty to worry about sooner and/or later, but in the meantime, my moment-to-moment is pretty great.

And I encourage everyone to build a fort, at least for two days.

Today's "here's what you need to know" from the NY Times; I'm just browsing news today (for now):

Nude photographed by my hole-mate, Dalton Gaudin.

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