Day 3 | a fortress I did build.

I may have overdosed on news today

but I don't feel bad about it? I had delicious black bean leftovers and made guacamole; I built the penis poll: an inclusive and very curious series of questions about your personal parts (it's so fun! I'm obviously biased). I skyped with a dude I met who is a fellow lover of threesomes as a third, and we facetimed to talk about our sex lives and the possibility of recording an episode for Sex Stories at some point. And then I went to change my sheets, but first, I built a fort.

It's good for reading, and writing, and even computering -- I'm computering this post from inside it, right now. Muse is curled up on my feet; I am on my sheepskin. I'm waiting for Dalton to be ready to watch the next episode of Unbound. Holy shit. Recommend but only if you're in the mood for intense.

Two easy-but-important newses:

Flattening the curve with some cool graphic models:

And listening to this makes me hopeful that government leaders maybe can get the importance of taking action now across:

Today's nudes were inspired & photographed by my hole-mate, Dalton Gaudin.

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