Day 2 | slow & steady.

I had a rhythmic day of email catch-up

(future @sexstoriespod guests: you should have an email from me! If you submitted and you don’t, it means I either forgot to require your email so I can’t contact you, or you didn’t write me compelling enough details to put you on my “yes please” list — but feel free to resubmit!) and coffee; I’m eating delicious leftovers we cooked at the retreat, I’m planning creative projects and applying to craigslist job, and then I re-shaved my head & everything just the way I like it before crawling into a bath.

I would have been catching up on these things and attempting to self-pamper this week anyway, but the seriousness of the current situation grounds me in a way that feels focused and clear, if grave. And yet, I am able to enjoy my own little corner of isolation. If the situation lasts, I know that this sentiment will not, so I’m just going one step at a time, enjoying connecting with humans in strange technological ways, and always enjoying the nudes. And my One True Love, Robert A. Heinlein.

And now, for today's nudes, I couldn't help myself, I have two: shaving my head, and then taking a bath. Taken by my hole-mate, Dalton Gaudin.

Stay safe and away from each other, lovers, and here’s a simple basic practical article:

Plus a good conversation from Vox’s The Weeds that is a fairly clear breakdown of what’s at stake:

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