Day 12 | half moon.

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In case you need to explain exponential growth to anyone, here's a useful (oversimplified) model from USA TODAY:

"Pick which option you think will make you the most money in a month:

  • $10,000 on every day of the month.

  • A penny that doubles in value every day.

The correct answer is the penny.

The first option will leave you with about $300,000 in a month. The magic penny will be worth several million dollars.

That's an example of exponential growth, and it's something we don't see very often in real life, said Lipson, who often talks about exponential growth as it relates to computing power and artificial intelligence.

At first, the process is "deceptively slow," he said. But as the numbers get bigger, they grow so rapidly it's hard for our minds to keep up."

from: Coronavirus is spreading so quickly that our brains can't keep up. Experts explain why.

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