Day 1 | it's on.

Following the lead of France.

The Bay Area is doing it, I'm on board.

The sun felt hopeful this morning; it's raining again now which always makes Los Angeles feel apocalyptic. Yesterday, crossing the street during my final outing for supplies, a man crossing the other direction made eye contact with me and said,

"What a filthy fucking city."

So...people are losing their minds already.

I'm using the chance to finally catch up on computer work: today has been going through retreat photos, and looking at news; next on my list is to update this month's Patreon nudes (almost ready to upload!!), add a page to my website in which I make my formerly word-of-mouth-only website design offerings public (coming soon!) and hopefully also some painting.

In the meantime:

CNN is releasing bite-sized COVID-19 updates via podcast, including a good little "fact vs fiction" one out most recently if you prefer audio news, or just check out their "health" landing page here.

And now, for today's nude: me, computering away. Taken by the trapped-with-me Dalton Gaudin.

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