Join Wyoh twice a month via Zoom to talk and wonder about sex together. The livestream is a Patron-only safe space; for those who wish to remain private, use an alias and opt out of video if it makes you extra-comfy. 5 PM Pacific, every other Sunday.
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Here’s how the live-stream works:

  • Streams are every other Sunday at 5 PM Pacific

  • Each month, I post a new live-stream link and a reminder for the live-stream dates

  • The format is semi-structured and looks something like this:

  • A Brief Check-in: we each say a few words about how we’re doing in that moment

  • Curious Questions & Story Shares: anyone who did a check-in can “raise their hand” (via zoom) to either share details of a sex story or pose a topic to wonder about* as a group

  • Topic of the Week: Wyoh will have either a theme or a few curious questions of her own to pose the group


*NOTE: this is explicitly *not* an advice-oriented space! I actively dissuade non-professionals from giving each other advice because it can backfire; but this is a space for wondering about things together. If you’re afraid you won’t be able to tell the difference, that’s ok — I’ll help you reframe or rephrase if necessary.

My goal here is to get people thinking about what’s right for THEM, because sex is so incredibly personal. Usually it’s a simple shift from “What should I do about…” to “I’m wondering about… and am noticing…in myself when it comes up. How do other people here manage this in their own lives?” I think we can learn a lot from each other if we simply let ourselves be curious together and stop trying to Figure Everything Out Definitively.

Again, the live-stream talks WILL be posted for other patrons to see if they missed the stream but still want in on the convo. And in an effort to make sure we keep a tight container of trust / respect / live-stream flow, only those who sign in at the beginning and hear everyone’s check-ins will be invited to actively participate during the stream.

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