Practice listening & sharing, curious questions & I-statements.

Make / Love / F*ck

A Public Live-Stream

Every Sunday at 5 PM Pacific via Zoom

Open to all, sign-up requried.


  • Speak in first person. We are here to learn from one another's experiences. A "you-statement" will invite an interruption, and a request to reframe it as an "I" statement. 

  • This is a sex-positive, curious and open-minded space. If it's legal and consensual, we don't yuck someone else's yum.


  • Remain respectful. Here's how:

    • Stay on-topic

    • If your camera is on, give the speaker your full attention. Turn it off if you need to look away or do something else.

    • Participate supportively & thoughtfully, i.e. do not use the chat to tell us about your penis, unless that is the specific topic of conversation (which it might be)

  • Keep your fantasies about anyone involved in our community to yourself.

  • Only share what you are comfortable with others hearing. Anyone may be watching live, and past streams remain available to all active Patrons at

  • You are responsible for your zoom settings.

    • Rename yourself as-needed

    • Camera ON = I'm ok with people seeing my face and I'm listening attentively to the conversation​

    • Mute yourself if you're not speaking and have a lot of background noise

    • We'll do our best to raise our hands rather than interrupt (Wyoh is practicing this)


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