As of August 2021:

Live-Streams Have Come to an End!

Private One-on-Ones with Wyoh are now avail

sign-ups required; contact me with any accessibility needs
lovely humans only, please :)

Join me on Sundays

in 25-minute increments

Pick your time slot

& a topic below:


share a sex story or sex life update

Private or public; you pick. Read the description, pretty please.

2021_04 Sex Story Snippets CIRCLE.png


Wyoh asks you a sex question.

I'll read a Q&A & Yay, Parts Poll response or a single story "quickie" & you play Sex Story Snippet co-host as we discuss.


get your sexstrology read by Wyoh

We can look at your chart, a friend's, a lovers and see how your kinks & desires align! It's fun sexy storytelling.

Apr212021_04 Sexstrology.png


photo pose practice

let Wyoh help you find angles that make you feel good in your body; photos will be used in the @sexstoriespod collage and/or Wyoh's art.



ask Wyoh a question

& noodle out loud about sexy things together. Read the details and also remember: Wyoh isn't a therapist, and is not offering cam services here.

Communication Guidelines

  • Speak only about your own experiences. We are here to celebrate and learn from one another's experiences and to noodle on human feelings, not to preach or teach or gossip or blame.

  • Keep it sex-positive, curious, open-minded & safe. If it's legal and consensual, don't yuck someone else's yum.


  • Remain respectful. Make sure you've read this list, ask instead of assuming a boundary, and if one is offered to you, accept it kindly. I will never attack, but I may offer a reframe – this is challenging for people if they forget that I'm just trying to make the world a more loving place.

  • Keep your fantasies about Wyoh & anyone involved in our community to yourself. And genitals covered. Agreement breaches end your session immediately, no refunds.



Lewdness & rudeness don't get second chances here. Please err on the side of checking in, and practice using your sexy words if you have a question that isn't answered by the above guidelines.

Please do not mistake my love for sex as a desire to have sex with you, specifically; I don't even know you, yet. Please remember this when introducing yourself.