Group Fantasy Sex Party Story

Summer Solstice Edition | Saturday June 21st at 8 PM Pacific.

Become an audio voyeur, and be taken on a journey through a fantasy sex party, written ahead of time and read aloud by Wyoh Lee, live on Saturday June 21st at 8 PM Pacific.


Want to participate more fully?


Participate from afar by filling out Wyoh's survey detailing your sexual yucks & yums, and Wyoh will write a character for you and/or your spouse, accordingly. Literally the perfect way to explore a new fantasy.


Please Note: Links to the survey and the stream are coming soon; if you purchase a ticket, Wyoh will manually send these out no later than June 3rd <3

audio voyeur | $15

story character | $30

Image by Kyle Peyton

An Hour with Wyoh

Talk about whatever you want*; receive audio & video of your session

Create a living journal of this particular moment in your life. 

We can record the details of your sex life, your creative life, how you feel in your body at the moment, we can practice posing via screenshot or you may ask me whatever you wish.

Each session includes Wyoh's full attention, curiosity about your current experience in the world, and downloadable video and audio files of the entire thing.




You may not tell me any fantasies you have about me.

You may not masturbate during the session.

I will not talk dirty to you.

However, we can discuss any of the above. Get it? Don't hit on me, don't expect me to hit on you. We talk like I talk to guests on the pod, but it's private, just for you. Any attempt to push my boundaries will result in immediate termination of the session, and you will receive neither a recording of the session nor a refund.

The actual booking will take place through my photography site, don't be alarmed when you're rerouted after clicking the button below.

1 hour | $300

Apply to be a Sex Stories Collage Model
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